My Favorite Blogs

Check out my brilliant colleague’s blog about her travels in Europe:

On one of my earliest trips to Mexico City, I came across Jim Johnston’s book, Mexico City:  An Opinionated Guide for the Curious Traveler in The Red Treehouse , and I decided to take myself on his guided walking tour of Colonia Roma.  That day wound up being the highlight of my trip, and La Roma has subsequently become one of my favorite neighborhoods in the world.  I’ve also run across his art while wandering around Mexico City.  His excellent blog can be found here.

I’m a big fan of David Lida’s book First Stop in the New World:  Mexico City, the Capital of the 21st Century.  You can read his blog here.

And here is the blog of another writer I admire:  Daniel Hernandez, author Down and Delirious in Mexico City.

A wonderful blog by a gay, middle-aged gringo (someone kind of like me) who has written about his adventures all over Mexico:  El Gringo Suelto

This is just one article, but it’s a good one:  Queer Girl City Guide to Mexico City

An adorable vegan gay couple travels the world, spending quite a bit of time in Mexico

It’s hard not too love a blog called Fat Gay Vegan.  There are many articles about Mexico and Mexican food in the blog.